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17 March 2010 @ 02:44 pm

Oh my gooooooodddddd! It's been such a long 3 months since I last posted anythin' ! I'm currently updatin' through my itouch usin' the LJ app. So sorry to leave this site abandoned! Haha! But I love twitter the most! It kicks the habit to not update in LJ anymore. Haha. Life's been pretty good and it's already 2010! So hopefully everything will go well this year.

So many things had happened since December. I shall not elaborate it in here since it's rather personal. I'll just keep it to myself. Right now, it's already the holiday! It just began by the way. Exams were okay I guess. WFB wa fine, SVE was atrocious! And so was IAC! Fuckin' atrocious as fuck! BFS was fine too and I'd retake my AFD back again. This time I think I did better, if not then fuck it lor!

Was suppose to have my baby over at my house on monday but MOMMY had to take a day off from the office. And the plan didn't work out. I was cursin' and mad with her the whole day instead. Its just that I miss him terribly ya know. But anyway, I spend my day watchin' and finishin' the korean drama. Oh boy, do I miss him! ):

I thought it's much easier to update through itouch but my fingers started to grew tired of typin' anymore. I guess I shall stop here for now eh? Alrite, later bitches! Ciao!

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10 December 2009 @ 03:11 pm

24 November 2009 @ 09:48 pm
24 November 2009 @ 09:31 pm
Omg omg omg! Holy crab sticks! Alright, so I had my Banking&Financial Service CA1 yesterday right? And you know what? I actually studied! Yes way! And the paper was easy peasy pumpkin chicken pie mother fucker! Haha, don't ask why I said that. But seriously la, I was so proud of myself, that I actually did it within 15 minutes time to answer all the questions. And I expect to pass it, like really lor. Okay, that's all the time I have now. And I still have the freaking cold. Blaaaaaaaa. Okbye(:
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22 November 2009 @ 04:23 pm
I'm having a cold right now. And only my left nostril is blocked. Menyeksa kau tau tak nak breath in only through my right nostril! Bloody bugger. How fucked up is that? Hahaha. I'm suppose to study for BFS and I'm not doing it right now. Oh well.
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21 November 2009 @ 11:52 pm

My, won't you look at that! I finally updated! So what's crack-a-lackin' people? I know, it's partially, okay maybe not partially, it is MY fault for not updating regularly. Reason being, I was so caught up with school and such. I had not been working right after I worked during helloween. I'm still contemplating man. Contemplating like one mad crazy chick. Ah, I don't even want to think hard about it right now. Whoa, I don't even know where to begin right now. A shitload of things happened in a month and asking a person like me what did I do during the one whole month, and to summarise it, it's pretty much fucking useless. I don't have that good memory, so yeah. But what I CAN remember is that, I had my Intermediate Accounting Test (Continual Assesment 1) and to be honest, I fucking screwed it. Whaddya know, nothing new. I don't know if I can graduate with a bloody good GPA.

And for this week's attendance, man, it sucked like donkey balls. I'll just have a rundown of this week. So Monday, my group ditched school and went to film our movie instead. Tuesday, did went to school as usual but skipped IAC. Wednesday, both girls didn't came to school as they were sick and I went to school alone instead but came a tad late, skipped IAC again. Thursday, came to school at 12 with the girls, skipped IAC for the bloody fourth time this week and SVE too, but came for the rest of the lessons. Friday, initial plan was to attend all lessons. But that stupid principal dialogue session had to be in our way. Went for that instead and therefore, I didn't attend any lesson of the day. It ended at 1215hrs. Came into PM1 lesson for a bit to look at how things went with the rest of the group members. And you know, it was a friday. TGIF, people! And guess what? For the first time ever, all 3 of us went back home straight.

Oh yeah, I almost left out something. On that Monday, we are supposedly doing our filming. But once we stepped into eHub, we made our way to the cinema. Caught Paranormal Activity. Man oh man, it was freaking awesome. I kept on cursing saying, "Holyshit, what the fuck just happened?" so on and so forth. You should watch it if you haven't! It's worth your pennies! For those faint hearted, I rather not want you to watch it. For the first half, it's quite boring. As for the second half, it's starting to get more intense. But overall, I'll rate it 3.5/5. This coming Monday, I'll be having my Banking and Financial Services Test. I'm gonna study for it tomorrow, for real! Alright, I'll cut my shit right about now.

Once again, if you wanna know which social network I'm most active at, it's definitely and obviously, TWITTER! So for those who have it, don't forget to follow me! Mine is:

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06 November 2009 @ 09:53 pm
I'm so so so so sorry for not updating my blog for nearly a month. I've been busy, more than ever. I promise I'll update when I have the free time. This month's pretty busy for me. I'm filled with projects, presentation, upcoming exams and trying to catch up during lessons. I'll be back updating before you know it. I'm not active in livejournal for the time being but I'm really active in twitter. So, if you really wanna know what I'm always up to in my everyday life, follow me in twitter then. Alright, I'm off now, I'll tweet in a sec. Later 'btchz!
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08 October 2009 @ 07:37 pm

Wow, it's been a week since I last updated. Oh well, I've been...busy and such. Anywho, 3 weeks flies by so fast, like really darn fast. I can't even feel the holiday mood just because I stayed at home doing house chores every single day. Well besides the raya visiting, as far as I've know and counted, I only went out like twice. See how horrible my holiday is, I don't have a life right? Anyone could agree with me on this. So I only went out with my friends and went shopping with the boy. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Well putting this aside, do you know that, I've tried almost 10 freaking times just to post this freaking thing up. I'd backspaced, typed, backspaced, typed over and over again for the past five days and I came up with nothing. Just because, I wasn't in the righ mood to update my blog at all. Yeah, I'm just stupid like that. I almost forgot! My pay came in yesterday and I've yet to check it out. I've been the laziest bum this week. Wanna know why? I turned in for bed either 2 or 3 am in the morning and woke up roughly around..err...half past one in the afternoon. And I didn't shower until 6. See how lazy I was! Perangai babi sia Zafa. I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself sometimes. Let me do a recap on my whole 3 weeks holiday. For raya visiting, my family and I only went out during the first 2 days of raya ONLY. See how pathetic is that! My dad's son-of-a-racist-malaysian-keling-bitch of manager decided to be an a-hole(!) and did the roster and purposely gave my dad afternoon shifts for 2 fucking weeks straight!  Can you fucking believe that? Aaaahh, if only I have the power in my hands, I would have fired that stupid indian guy long time ago. Fucking useless manager, grrr..geram bobal pasal dier.Woah, now I'm being racist.

Hahaha, and the outing with my dear boy was fun. Why? Cos we went shopping! Well, technically I was the only one who shop and PAID for it. Haha. He happened to be in Pasir Ris cos he went over to his friend's chalet and spent the night there. We really had no idea where we're heading to. Finally came to a decision and went to ION. Let me tell you about ION. It sucked as hell when you have no idea where you're going at all and the next thing you know you went to the further end and wala, you reached at Wheelock. We went to the same direction like twice! Oh my god, I was like, someone please slap me in the face cos I don't have any sense of direction, at all. Anyway, I bought him a David Bowie t-shirt from Topman and omg, it costs a bomb. Haha, to be exact its S$69. I know I know. Why you might ask? I DON'T KNOW. Aku nak feeling-feeling kaye, blanje mahal-mahal, that's why. Then after treating him that from Topman, I decided to buy tops from Topshop. I only bought two pieces and it cost me S$96 in total. Kalau mak ade kat sebelah, dah kene maki habes-habes sia. But oh well! I told her when I got home and she was fine with it, thank god, phew! And here comes the part when he mistook something. So, we came into this one shop cos the shoes attracted us both. Then this one high cut nike shoe caught his attention. The two of us didn't know whether its a guys or girls shoe. We can't exactly tell cos we're too dumb la.

What he did was, he wanted to try out the shoe and he approached this salesgirl and asked for his size. Suddenly, the salesgirl said and her expression was so freaking priceless la, "Sorry, this is a girls shoe, not guys. You do know right, that the cutting is small?" And I almost burst out laughing so loud right there but I decided to be a nice girl and shut up about it. Kesian pe member, confident sangat and semangat nak try out. Blablabla, our day goes on until we decided to part our ways around 7 plus? Cos he was too freaking sleepy already, aww, poor thing. Then decided to meet up with Ku at downtown. Ah ni part yang paling kecoh skali. She cabot ngaji and gotten to know that, the night itself, there was parents and teachers meeting session. Long story short, her brother met us and dua-dua stress. I found it amusing watching them stressed out finding a way on how to go back without any family member seeing them at downtown or to tell mum, only if their mum found out they ditched.

Woah, I just realised this is sorta long. Errr, you know what's stressing me out? That school's starting in exactly 4 DAYS TIME! OMG! I'm so not looking forward to it la. Grades macam taik. GPA pon macam taik. Bukan macam, memang! Urgh, I was really, really, freaking disappointed. I was really hoping to get at least a D for AFD. Unfortunately I had gotten 2 big fucking F's for both BEV and AFD. I had hopes on my AFD. I cried. Yes, I cried. I cried because I didn't put a whole fucking lot of effort in my last 2 test papers. I can't afford to fail my second semester paper. I need to buck up. And I need to start from now! I mean, starting monday onwards la! ALAMAK! hahaha. Ok lor, I guess I'll end my post here. I'll try update whenever. Goodnight losers (:

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23 September 2009 @ 12:20 am

"Life resembles a novel more often than novels resembles life."

-George Sand

17 September 2009 @ 11:21 pm
Iftar with D'Escapees last Tuesday. Sayang korang (:
More pictures in my Multiply.

Breakfast with mummy at Liat Towers Burger King. Dad was being a bloody nine-months preggo woman today. That he made mummy cry. She did nothing wrong and she was to blame, me included. All because of him forgetting to bring his handphone to work and WE being the nice daughter & wife ever, send the phone to him. It crushed me whem I see her cry, seriously. It breaks my heart. And yet, he wasn't being thankful, with a pissed off look etched on his face. I shall not elaborate anymore on this matter. On a brighter note, I finally bought my heels from Charles & Keith just now and I'm so loving it la. And also I bought 6 million dollar home bag from Crumpler which cost me 156S$ and its grey in colour, red at the sides and green in the inside. There goes my money again. But hey, it's a useful bag ya know! Its a camera bag/casual bag. Thank goodness I didn't buy that Yak pak handbag which cost about 78S$. Oh yeah, yesterday, baby finally came over to pasir ris just to meet me. Aww, ain't he that sweet? Brought him over to my place, him eating his subway and me eating my sushi. Haha, shh, and yes the both of us didn't fast either. Watched movie after that and halfway through the movie, you don't wanna know! Haha, so baby left my place around 5.10 cos he had to go to work. And yeah, that's it. I shall post tomorrow, hopefully. Nite nite people.

I mean what I said, I love you baby.
& your taste still lingers on my lips.
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